Hi there, I’m Alvin.

Vinyl Enthusiast, WordPress Theme Developer, Guitarist & Blogger

Somehow, you have stumbled across my most ambitious project yet. On this site, I will be reviewing my entire record collection. You can find out more about the idea behind the project on my blog.

Anyway, use the navigation at the top to get around, or get right to it with the buttons below.

Oh, and thank you for stopping by!

How I Review

I’ll be giving a little backstory to how I came across an album, or the artist in general. There will be some talk of the actual content of the album, maybe the artwork, and some production comments.

The quality of the version I review will also be a deciding factor. Some of my records are thrift store finds, and weren’t taken very good care of before my possession.

Each review also has a star rating for Artist Influence. This is based off how much I like the artist, and kind of gives a boost to each review… or will drop it down. Is this fair? Probably not, but I like the idea.

I’m also trying to convince my girlfriend to listen to many of these albums, and give a little commentary in some of the reviews. Since some of the albums I put in The Collection are hers, maybe she’ll do the review, and I’ll give my commentary. We’ll see what happens.

Most Recent Reviews

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